The Poisonous Drinks

poisonous drink detective riddle

Daniela and Julietta went out for drinks together at their favourite bar. 

They ordered the same drink – a Long Island Iced Tea. 

Julietta was really thirsty and finished four in the time it took Daniela to finish one. The drinks were poisoned, but only Daniela died. 

How did this happen when they were drinking the same drink?

The poison was in the ice!! Daniela’s ice had time to melt as she wasn’t as thirsty as Julietta.

One Life Too Many

one life too many detective riddle

A dead cat lies at the bottom of a large condominium building. 

It looks as though the cat fell, or jumped, from one of the windows in the tall condominium.  

Harry the detective arrives. Upon arriving, he walks up to the first floor of the building, opens the closed window, and chucks a soft ball out of the window towards the ground outside. 

The detective goes to the second floor and does the exact same thing. 

Harry continues all the way up until the top floor of the building, going through the exact same process each floor. 

When the Detective comes back down, he states that the cat did not jump from any of the windows. 

How did the Detective solve this mystery?

The cat couldn’t have jumped from any of the floors because when the detective went to each floor, all of the windows were closed!

4 Doors 1 Answer

four doors detective riddle

One morning, a little child called Cathy got trapped in a big stately mansion in the United Kingdom.

There were 4 doors that Cathy could choose from, but only one led to freedom. 

The doors opened up to the following:

Door 1: A floor of the hottest Lava known to humans, that would immediately melt anyone that stepped in there

Door 2: A room of deadly assassins waiting to pounce on anyone that walks in

Door 3: The coldest room in the world, at -150 degrees. No one can survive longer than 10 seconds!

Door 4: A police officer that would shoot any man or woman indiscriminately

Which door should Cathy choose?

Did you guess Door 4? If so, you’re one hell of a detective!

The cops would shoot any man or woman, but Cathy isn’t an adult – she’s a little child.

No Sight For Sore Eyes

sight for sore eyes detective riddle

James the detective works out of his downtown office in NYC overlooking the Empire State Building.

James had seen enough of the Empire State Building looking down on him. 

So every day, James had lunch in the one place where he didn’t have to look straight at the Empire State Building. 

Where did James eat?

James, the clever Detective, ate in the restaurant that was located at the base of the Empire State Building.

Steam Room Murder

steam room murder detective riddle

4 friends regularly visited the steam room together at their local gym. 

They always brought something with them. 

Adam, a musician, took his waterproof MP3 player with him to listen to music. 

Lawrence, a banker, took a thermos to drink out of as he wanted to keep himself hydrated.

Jack and Ryan were lawyers and took their document readers in with them. 

One fateful day, Jack was found dead. 

He was killed by a sharp object. 

The detectives came immediately and conducted an investigation. They found no murder weapon!

How could this have happened?

Jack was killed by Lawrence who brought an ice shard in his thermos. The ice shard murder weapon had melted away by the time the cops arrived.

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