The Angry Wife

detective riddle angry wife

Bryan called his wife and said that he would be at home at 8 in the evening. 

When Bryan came home it was 8:05. 

Bryan and his wife didn’t have anything special planned, but his wife was still very angry because Bryan was late.  

Why did Bryan’s wife get so mad?

Bryan said that he would be home at 8 in the evening, but he actually came home at 8.05 in the morning – the next day!

A Naughty Waitress

detective riddle naughty waitress

Robbie sat in his favourite coffee shop and found a fly in his soy latte. 

He asked the waitress politely to replace his coffee with a new fly-free one.

After Robbie received the new latte and had taken a sip – he immediately realised it was the same cup of coffee he had in the first place, and was very angry at the waitress. 

Robbie realised that it was the same cup of coffee that he had in the first place.

How did he know the waitress had given him the same cup back without the fly?

Robbie had a big sweet tooth, and loves a bit of sugar in his soy latte. When tasting “The second” latte he realised that it was sweet already.

Did He Lie?

detective riddle did he lie

Paul, a keen marathon runner, was alone at home and heard something fall in parent’s bedroom. 

He went to investigate and found that his mum’s favourite ornament was broken on the floor. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Paul saw someone run out of the room. 

Paul immediately pursued the stranger down the street. 

He tried to catch up with the stranger. 

But in the end, he cramped up because the stranger was too quick and Paul couldn’t keep up. 

Paul told this story to his mum but she refused to call the police to investigate the case. 

His mum asked Paul to stop lying and admit that it was indeed him that had broken her favourite ornament. 

Who is right? Paul or his Mum?

Paul’s mum was right. She knew that Paul was an amazing runner and that he wouldn’t have cramped up after such a short time. 

She knew Paul was lying as he didn’t want to confess about breaking her favourite ornament.

Who killed Mr Bond?

detective riddle who killed bond

Mr. Bond was found dead in his room after he had gone to sleep for the night. The room had no windows and the door was locked. 

The only 4 people who had a key to the room were questioned.

Dorothy the maid: “I came to wake up Mr. Bond; I opened the door and I screamed as I saw him dead on the floor” 

Tom the butler: “When I heard what happened, I quickly ran into the room, flicked the light  switch to turn it on, and saw Mr. Bond with a knife sticking out of his neck.”

Laticia the governess: “I rushed up alongside Tom the butler; and when he turned on the light, the room was all bloody with Mr Bond on the floor.”

Jack the chef: “I was prepping breakfast and didn’t see anything or hear anything as I was pumping tunes!”

Who killed Mr. Bond?

It was Dorothy the maid. If Mr Bond had been sleeping at night, and the room was dark, then she wouldn’t have been able to see Mr. Bond lying there — unless she murdered him!

The Stranger Friend

detective riddle stranger friend

Jordan met a stranger whom he’d never seen or met before. 

He had heard about the stranger, but no descriptions of his appearance were ever mentioned to Jordan. 

The stranger wasn’t a famous actor or actress, and lived a very quiet life. 

Nevertheless, Jordan knew immediately who the stranger was.

How was this possible?

Jordan had met the twin brother of one of his friends!

The Locked Car

detective riddle locked car

A man has been brutally shot in the front of his car. 

The police forensic team arrived and noticed there were no traces of gunpowder on any of his clothes. 

That meant that the murderer wasn’t inside the car while committing the crime.

There were also no bullet holes in the car. And, all the doors and windows were closed.

How was the man shot in the car?

The man was in a convertible car. First, the murderer shot him when the roof was down, and then put the roof up after the man was dead.

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